These water filters were specifically developed in South Africa for poor rural communities who have no other option than to use contaminated water. These filters can effectively lift the quality of life of these citizens which is aggravated by a current lack of effective sanitation.


Tightly woven polyester filter based technology removes floating matter larger than 1.0 micron which includes 99% of harmful bacteria found in water.


Trusted point-of-use water filter with proven user satisfaction.


Field-tested in deep rural Africa, with 91% reporting no issues.

VulAmanz Potable Option (VA-RWF) – for non-continuous water supply

The principal users in this market segment are the many rural, peri-urban and informal households where no (or poor) formal water supply service exists. In some areas the raw water is manually collected from rivers or dams, with no water supply service.

VulAmanz Potable option (VA-WS) – for continuous water supply

The Pump-assisted Water Filter is perfect for connecting to continuous water sources like untreated water from a municipal system, river water pumped into tanks, or rainwater collected from roofs. It fills the filter vessel and draws water through membranes with a small pump when a tap is opened. Flow is controlled by the outlet valve, maintaining up to 15.0l/min.

The VulAmanz Microfilter (“VM”), is a novel water treatment technology aimed at decentralised water treatment for drinking water provision and the treatment of waste waters for recycling and reuse.

The WFMF technology and method of manufacture is covered under the Patent Cooperation Treaty and the Core Patents are as follows:

Patent Number: ZA2011/08673 (Priority claimed from ZA2010/04504); A Membrane Bioreactor invented by VL Pillay and EP Jacobs.

Patent Number: ZA2018/04129; Microfiltration Assembly and Method of Manufacture invented by L Barwell and VL Pillay.

Developed in South Africa through collaboration between university researchers and the specialist fabrics industry, this niche ‘fabric micro-filtration’ technology addresses the needs of developing economies. Unlike conventional methods, it relies on a robust woven polyester micro-filtration fabric with an effective pore size of ~1.3 microns, capable of producing high-quality permeate with minimal turbidity and bacteria removal. This gravity-driven system requires no water treatment chemicals, boasts easy operation and maintenance, and offers cost-effectiveness. Cleaning is simple, requiring only membrane brushing or drying, without the need for exotic chemicals.


Accredited Water Quality

Certified by a leading international research institution and backed by funding from respected organisations such as the Water Research Commission, Umgeni Water, and the Department of Science and Technology.


Innovative Filtration Material

Developed through collaboration between engineers and water scientists from three South African universities and Thailand, our unique woven fabric micro-filtration material ensures the removal of waterborne bacteria, suspended particles, and colloids, providing safe drinking water.


Patented Gravity-Powered Design

Utilise a patented water treatment system powered solely by gravity or hydraulic pressure, eliminating the need for electricity.


Cost-Effective and Easy Maintenance

Benefit from our system’s affordability and simplicity, made possible by its effective technology. Additionally, it offers easy installation and scalability, adaptable for various settings including households, community clinics, and school buildings.